For Jet Airways to become the second largest airline in India has been no easy task. A lot of work has gone to ensuring we provide quality service to all our clients. This airline is based in Mumbai and you can book it for both your domestic flights as well as International flights. This airline flies to different destinations in North America, Europe and Asia. Unlike many airlines, we are not as concerned about having many destinations as we are concerned about the comfort of our clients.

A fleet to fit your budget and comfort

Our fleet of planes will tell you why we are concerned about your welfare when we serve you. We have planes to cater for the economy class (one cabin), business class and economy (two cabins) and first class, business class and economy (three cabins). We cater for all the needs of our clients since there is an aircraft to cater for all your needs and budget. 

Amazing staff

Having fancy aircrafts is nothing without the right personnel. Jet Airways knows this and this is why we go the extra mile in ensuring that our members of staff are well trained in not only ensuring our clients are comfortable, they are also trained on how to react when there is a crisis. This kind of training is not limited to cabin crew but those working on our booking desks as well. Great service does not just begin when the plane takes off, it begins the moment you get in touch with us.

Great food

Your health is very important to us. We ensure the food is not only well prepared, we always ensure we source organic foods that will add to the marvelous experience you have with us. Seeing you smile and you enjoy your meal is our joy and we endeavor to ensure you get nothing but the best. This is why we go through a rigorous process when looking for a chef and members of staff. We also provide meals for all categories of people. If you are travelling with children, there are meal plans that are suitable for children. You will also find meal plans for the elderly. We always insist of receiving the correct diet details when booking flights, especially long haul flights where multiple meals are served. 

Comfortable guaranteed

It does not matter which cabin you are seated in, we ensured that our aircrafts have seats with adequate leg room so that you can sit comfortably during your flight. The fact that you are allowed to select a window or isle seat is because we understand that sometimes it is not the views that is priority to you but the need to keep stretching occasionally. If this is a priority for you, Jet Airways makes it a priority too simply to ensure all is well with you during your flight. When you book a flight with us, you will know you will be travelling like a king. 

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