Bali Travel Attractions

Denpasar Bali Travel Attractions You Do Not Want To Miss

Denpasar Bali travel attractions listed here offer an exciting way to pass a pleasant afternoon – and are especially great options for families with young children!

Bajra Sandhi Monument was constructed in 1987 as an iconic landmark with religious and memorial significance. It hosts dioramas depicting Balinese people’s struggles over time and preserves many cultural aspects of the Bali island. And you can see much more now that Cathay pacific offers the Johannesburg to Denpasar Bali route. 

Museum Le Mayeur

This small museum contains paintings by Belgian painter Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur de Merpres, born in Ixelles and later spending his later years in Bali. After arriving on the island in 1932 at age 51, he met Legong dancer Ni Polok and three years later married her three years after arriving; together they built their home in Sanur when it was still just a quiet fishing village; unfortunately today it stands crumbling, giving an insight into life at that time on Bali, before tourism existed yet and life was simpler and authentic.

The main building recalls the couple’s previous living quarters with its traditional Balinese elements like etched stone dividers and red terrazzo floor tiles, plus traditional Balinese furniture such as carved wooden furniture. Although many paintings may have suffered due to time or wear-and-tear, many still feature Ni Polok, the artist’s wife as subjects in them; many paintings feature images depicting her.

Museum exhibits not only paintings but also a wide range of antiques and items that once belonged to the couple. You’ll be sure to spot an exquisitely carved octagonal teakwood table, elaborately carved cabinets and various decorative plates and vases here.

The museum is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm and entrance fees range between 15,000 to 50,000 rupiah per person with discounts available for students.

If you enjoy art, be sure to visit the nearby Sculpture Park which showcases sculptures by contemporary artists as well as notable figures. Plus, there’s a large garden featuring benches where visitors can relax while watching performances by local and international performers.

Braja Sandhi Monument in Denpasar Bali is another worthy travel attraction, dedicated to fallen soldiers of Indonesia’s independence war and standing on an area equivalent to almost four football fields, this monument stands as an immense memorial. An ideal spot for picnicking with family or friends.

Visits to monuments are rewarding experiences as they allow visitors to gain more knowledge about the country’s history and culture as well as gain an understanding of its struggle against colonial rule.

Bali Museum of Art and History

A Denpasar Bali travel attraction for art enthusiasts who also appreciate learning about culture is the Museum. Here you’ll find artwork both old and new that tell stories of life on Bali. Divided into four buildings – Timur houses prehistoric objects like stone tools and sarcophagi, while Karangasem displays Hindu-Javanese carvings and statues; finally the third and fourth buildings focus on colonialism and resistance against Dutch control respectively.

The Museum’s sarcophagi, stone tools, and bronze items provide an interesting window into daily life in Bali from prehistory through modernity. Furthermore, it also houses an interesting selection of Balinese cultural artifacts like inscriptions, sculptures and a drum as well as numerous artworks (paintings & sculptures), all telling their own narrative story.

Apart from historical and archeological collections, this museum also offers an exhibit dedicated to modern Bali with various works of art that reflect its vibrant nature and people. There is also a section devoted to Kecak dance as well as UNESCO-listed Sakenan Temple which hosts Kecak performances and is one of Bali’s most visited religious spots celebrated during Piodalan Temple anniversaries in June, July and August.

At temple festivals and celebrations, tourists can witness rituals performed by its devotees as well as dance performances by local artists. Terracotta and dwarapala figures representing various deities are worth seeing at this temple; similarly its amphitheater has performances which make it a popular tourist attraction both local and foreign visitors alike. Although visiting is free, for more in-depth knowledge about Bali’s history and culture guided tours are available which offer insight into sarcophagi, sculptures and other items featured within its walls such as their historical and archeological significance via guides who speak on history through artifacts in its collection sarcophagi, sculptures etc exhibited within its walls – just what awaits visitors are sure-

Big Garden Corner

Big Garden Corner is an exquisite park that showcases the art of stone. Visitors to this attraction will find an assortment of statues in various sizes – some large. In addition to these statues, the park also hosts children’s playground equipment, portable swimming pools, restaurants and many other amenities; including an eye-catching sleeping Buddha replica of Borobudur; other interesting statues include those made out of bamboo as well.

Big Garden Corner’s main draw for visitors is taking photos of its gorgeous sculptures, such as Stone Henge or Lying Ganesha – so much so that the park has become a beloved Instagram spot!

At Big Garden Corner, one of the best ways to relax is sitting on a bench amidst lush greenery. While enjoying peaceful surroundings while tasting delectable food and beverages from their budget-friendly menu. It makes a wonderful place for vacation getaways!

If you want a fun family experience on Sundays, why not visit Big Garden Corner and bring along Pikachu for an interactive walkabout at Big Garden Corner. Visitors will have an opportunity to take pictures with him!

Visit Big Garden Corner is not only enjoyable, but it’s also an invaluable way to gain more knowledge of Balinese culture and history. The park’s architecture reflects local styles and traditions while many statues in it are made from recycled materials. Furthermore, this facility houses a museum which displays different cultural artifacts.

The Big Garden Corner is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. For optimal photos, it is best to visit in the late afternoon when soft lighting makes taking pictures easy and inviting. Furthermore, visitors can enjoy dining at its restaurant and parking easily in its spacious lot; plus there is even a souvenir shop offering various items related to Bali!

Jagatnatha Temple

Jagatnatha Temple can be found at the heart of Denpasar city and is dedicated to God Jagatnatha – one of Bali’s most well-known Hindu shrines and tourist spots due to its intricate carvings and statues. A must-see when visiting Denpasar city, this is a wonderful spot where families can spend quality time together while taking pictures together!

The Bajra Sandhi Monument is an eye-catching landmark in Denpasar that honors Balinese history and their struggle for independence. Situated at Renon Square (also known as Puputan Badung), this remarkable edifice stands out with its bell shape that recalls minister’s supplicating chime; made of black and white stone with intricate carvings on its exterior walls. Inside visitors can view dioramas depicting this history and struggle.

The Bali Museum boasts a vast collection of cultural items and showcases its development over different eras in Bali. Additionally, this museum is known for its lush green courtyard and traditional Balinese architecture; making it a prime location for photography. Many locals visit here before their pre-wedding photos to take pictures here as well.

Waterbom Bali offers fun and thrilling aquatic activities for those in search of water recreation, making it the best water park in Asia and second in the world. Filled with adrenaline-inducing rides and recreational activities such as its lazy river, Waterbom is sure to meet any aquatic enthusiast’s expectations!

Love of wildlife? For an immersive wildlife experience in its natural setting, head to Bali Safari and Marine Park. Not your average zoo experience, this safari-style park allows animals to roam free within their environment; visitors are free to interact with these friendly creatures as they don’t feel caged here!

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